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General Information - Liverpool Wasp Control:

There are 4,000 kinds of wasps in the World. Typically, Wasps are most active during the day and usually return to their nests at dusk. Most wasps live less than one year and some only live for a few months. Queens sometimes live for several years.

Common home remedies for stings include coating the sting site with a meat tenderizer/water solution rinse, baking soda paste or even rubbing the site with an aluminum based deodorant!

Size 3/8" – 5/8" -
Shape Wasp shaped
Color Black with yellow stripes
Legs 6
Wings Yes
Antenna Yes

Wasp Diet:

Yellow Jackets/Wasp in Liverpool and Merseyside eat spiders and insects. They will also feed on human food, especially meats and sweets. Unlike Bees, Wasps do not make honey or store food.

Wasp Habitat - Liverpool Wasp Control:

Yellow Jackets/Wasp
like to be where humans live. They usually build their nests underground, around garbage and in cool, dark spaces. They also build nests in trees, shrubs and in holes in walls. Most Yellow Jacket/Wasp colonies only remain active for one year. Then the queen flies off to start a new colony. The remaining bees die in the fall and the nest is abandoned. Look for Yellow Jacket/Wasp nests during the day, because you can see them flying in and out, but destroy nests at night, when they are dormant and all there.


Wasps help farmers by eating pests that can destroy crops. They are dangerous because they can sting multiple times, injecting venom into the host. For most people a Yellow Jacket/Wasp sting just causes a welt and temporary pain, but their sting can cause allergic reactions to people sensitive to this venom.


• Do not leave sweet drinks or meats out in the open.
• Call a pest management professional if you find Yellow Jackets around your house.
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Wasp nest in loft - Liverpool Wasp Control - Wasp Removal £45.00, covering Liverpool, Merseyside and Cheshire

Wasp Control

It is very important that you call in Pest Control experts to handle the infestation in a safe and effective way. Liverpool Wasp Control can help get your wasp infestation under control, and help you to maintain an environment that is wasp-free. Whatever problem you are facing, Liverpool Wasp Control have the necessary equipment to deal with it in a professional way.

Wasp Control Experts

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Wasp Nest Treatment in house. Liverpool Wasp Control - Wasp treatment £45, covering Liverpool, Merseyside and Cheshire